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Welcome to Clinician Wiki, created by clinicians for clinicians.


ClinicianWiki is a spin-off of the MIT COVID19 Challenge winner CovMD. Our vision is to create an online medical knowledge base free for everyone to read and edit. During COVID-19, our mission is to provide a non-profit platform that is more structured than social media and more interactive than UpToDate/official guidelines. It aims to facilitate communication of clinical and scientific findings among clinicians and direct them to the relevant evidence. It is currently viewable by all members of the public and editable by clinicians.

We welcome clinicians (e.g. doctors, nurses, community healthcare workers), developers, business professionals and anyone with ideas and skills to join our project. To get in touch, please email and feel free to request for an account.

See About page for a list of partners and contributors.

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Benefits of joining

  • Gain valuable experiences in a start-up environment and refine your skills
  • Enhance your CV with a certificate recognising your contribution
  • Opportunities to represent ClinicianWiki at conferences
  • Opportunities to co-author academic and news articles to report
  • Opportunities to receive media coverage as founding partners/contributors of
  • Meet a group of like-minded peers and expand your international network with mentors who are experts in their field
  • Contribute to mitigating the current COVID-19 pandemic – save lives

At, we believe leadership is about actions, not positions. Therefore, we aim to recognise everyone's effort based on the contributions they made, as fully as possible, not on a position assigned by a bureaucrat.

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  • Log in through the link in the email and set your password
  • Confirm your email once again((we are trying to fix this!)
  • Start editing!