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ClinicianWiki is a spin-off of the MIT COVID19 Challenge winner CovMD. During COVID-19, it aims to provide a non-profit platform that is more structured than social media and more interactive than UpToDate/official guidelines. It is currently viewable by all members of the public but only editable by clinicians.

ClinicianWiki is also part of a bigger initiative OpenOath, which aims to make medicine more open and collaborative.

We welcome clinicians, developers, business professionals and anyone with ideas and skills to join our project. To get in touch, please email


MIT COVID-19 Challenge


Covengers AI


Timing Liu

Maxime Lehman

Ee Lynn Teo

Haiyan Wang

Rin Sato

Jonathan Teich

Kevin Sherman

Vianca Shah

Kenneth Lee

Anie Vasileva

Andrew Ying

Andrew Salkeld

Jingwen Zhang

Andrew Zhou

Dongzhou Wei

Rithvik Ganesh

Mandy Yuan

If you were omitted by mistake, please email for amendment!