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1. How is this platform different from existing information providers like NICE and BMJ Best Practice?

First, ClinicianWiki aims to be more updated. There is often at least one week of latency between the publication of relevant evidence and relevant guidelines (e.g. NICE's rapid evidence summary publication).

Second, instead of acting as a pool of current guidelines/evidence like BMJ best practice, ClincianWiki hopes to create summaries for specific areas. It acts more like this Wikipedia page on abortion. ClinicianWiki provides a quick overview of the standard of practice around the world and refers users to individual guidelines if they'd like to know more. Wikipedia does not aim to replace the laws around the world. Similarly, ClinicianWiki does not aim to replace the guidelines.

2. What is the value of creating an overview if doctors are going to follow their local guidelines anyways?

Indeed, going back to the Wikipedia page example, although it may be interesting for lay people, what is its value to lawyers.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, ClinicianWiki aims to help with these three aspects:

a. Not every country has local guidelines, so this can a be helpful summary for doctors from those countries to quickly gather what's been done around the world and what they should probably do.

b. Not every area will be covered by local guidelines. Some senior doctors reported to us a lack of guidelines for abdominal surgery during the pandemic. It will be nearly impossible for each individual clinicians to read through all other guidelines to get some insights. But if any clinician adds their local guidelines and relevant evidence to the platform, it saves everyone's time and can be potentially life-saving .

c. Updates of local guidelines. Some doctors were reprimanded for wearing facial masks at the start of the pandemic in the NHS because it did not align with the guidelines. ClinicianWiki allows others to easily see what's been done in other countries so that local guidelines can follow quickly.

3. Can ClinicianWiki compete with platforms like UpToDate without full-time editors?

The belief behind ClinicianWiki is that knowledge should be free for all: free to read, edit and share. Platforms like UpToDate are limited in terms of paywalls and low interactivity. ClinicianWiki can overcome these shortcomings by engaging with the global clinician community that believes medicine can be more collaborative than it is now, no longer being dominated by closed-access publications, textbooks, and bureaucratic top-down guidelines.